Death Is Likely


I wont lie too you, you’re going to die. Death is likely might seem simple, but it is deceptively so. You’ll think you have it, and then suddenly you’ll be trapped in a corner with enemies all around you.

That’s OK though, because this is a game that lets you play at your time and leisure. Give you brain a tease, and stop when you’ve had enough. 

This is not a game based on quick reflexes. It doesn’t have some time base come back in 4 hours game mechanic. Nor does it have some nefarious In App purchasing system. We hate those!

Death Is Likely is a game that we would enjoy playing and you will too.

Download it now on the App Store, its free!

Fairy Tale Twist Released

princess“I am not kissing that thing” The princess said while grimacing at the warty frog….

Ever what would have happened if the princess had chucked the frog out the window instead of kissing it?

What would a gnome do with the first born son anyway?

Fairy Tale Twist has some interesting takes on classic fairy tale stories.

Stories included:
– The Frog prince
– Rumplepotchin (based on Rumplestiltskin)
– And more to come!

Check it out on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Money Pile

The easiest way to keep track of a pile of money!

One day Michael couldn’t remember how much money he had in the bank after making a large purchase. While he was trying to figure out how much money he had spent, and looking over the many different budget and money tracking apps he had purchased but never used. He realized he was lost in a dark and expensive forest.

Not sure how he had gotten here, he decided to ask the bear that was standing over him, where he was. Instead of providing any help, the bear attacked him and that was the last we ever heard of Michael.*

Don’t be like Michael and waste your time on overly complicated money apps, that you will stop using after a few days. Instead give money pile a try, it is FREE!

Our team of military grade scientists from NASA trained in elite software and hardware combat simulations, have found a revolutionary way of dealing with money.** First keep track of how much money you have in a pile. Spend money, subtract money from the pile. Earn money, add money to the pile. It’s that simple!

And if you keep reading you will find out how to become a millionaire!*** Follow our non-patented idea, and this simple easy step. If you got money, spend it. Don’t got money, don’t spend it! It is that simple!

So next time you find yourself wanting to track a pile of money. Think of Money Pile and let it put all your money worries behind you. You don’t have to worry about ever getting lost in dark and expensive forest again.

P.S. We do not recommend talking to bears.


* Don’t worry, there really was no Michael. This is just a fun story we made up for your entertainment.

** We are not military grade scientists from NASA trained in elite software and hardware combat simulations. We are a couple of programmers making apps we find useful.

*** We cannot guarantee that you will become a millionaire if you use Money Pile.


Download it now on the App Store, its free!