10 game challenge

I’m doing a 10 game challenge, to test my game making skills. I get 2 weeks per game and up to one week between each for planning and research.

To start things I want to show off my first attempt. It is a top down shooter game, but as an added bonus, it has multiplayer between the mouse and keyboard.


Yeah, it is a hot mess. Bugs, broken, and no apparent point or end. It was my first one, and scoping was an issue.

Here are some of the issues that I can see:

  • bugs in startup making multiple players
  • aliasing/coloring issues in the sprites
  • sizing issues on different devices

Here is what impresses me about the experience:

  • multiplayer
  • I hand drew those sprites and i think they are amazing!
  • The game is data driven

Next game will be something totally different